Classy Spirits Filtration System

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Reduce the harshness, burn, and bite in your alcohol with Classy Spirits! Our proprietary filters reduce Acetone and Acetaldehyde that remans in bottled spirits. Reducing these, and other, chemicals not only improves the flavor and the taste but it also reduces your hangover the next morning. Acetone leads to vomiting, blacking out, and hangovers. Classy Spirits reduces the amount of  acetone that remains in bottled spirits by >58% and acetaldehyde by >10%. 

Classy Spirits Proprietary formula works on all aged and distilled spirits such as: Vodka, Tequila, Bourbon, Whiskey, Cognac, and Brandy! Our Filters do not work well on any Botanical that artificially ads in the flavor after the distillation process such as; Rum, Gin, and Flavored Vodkas/Spirits. 

Each of our filters will filter up to 18, 750ml, bottles of alcohol before you need to replace them. You can switch from one type of alcohol to another by flushing water through the filter to clean/rinse it and change out the filter for a new one once its been used up! 

Each Classy Spirits Unit Comes with: 

- Carrying Case

- Brochure 

- (1) Filter

- Stand

- Top Reservoir/Funnel